We are accredited as an ICP to deliver contestable connections under the Lloyds Register NERS scheme.

As a registered ICP, MES Power Engineering can manage your new connections, which include diversions of existing assets on your site.

Each host DNO has a connection process to make connections to the right standards and within the time frames specified by the regulator.

Customers can typically expect to follow this process:

1. Apply for Point of Connection (POC) and non-contestable charges

We can take care of this for you – it involves drawing up a development site plan detailing the required loadings of proposed buildings or generation capacity. This plan must then be sent as an application to the DNO so that they can provide a Point of Connection.

2. DNO makes an offer of POC and non-contestable charges

The DNO will provide a POC and non-contestable charges statement.

3. Quote for contestable works

We will then prepare a quote using the information provided.

The sum of the non-contestable and contestable works gives you the total connection cost.

4. Place an order for contestable works

When you have placed the order for the contestable works, MES will design a connection plan for approval by the DNO.

5. Accept and pay for non-contestable costs from DNO

6. Design approval by DNO

Once the non-contestable charges have been paid, the DNO will approve MES’s connection design.

7. Adoption agreement issued and signed

The DNO / IDNO will produce an adoption agreement that requires signatures from MES and the DNO /IDNO. It is a standard document that lays out the process for adopting and connecting the asset constructed by MES. In some cases, the customer will also be required to sign it.

8. Procurement of connection assets

Once the design is approved, MES procures the equipment and prepares for the connection construction phase.

9. Construction of installation

MES will then begin the installation to the host DNOs technical standards. The DNO will carry out regular inspections to ensure compliance.

10. Testing and commissioning

We test and commission the installation before forwarding the documentation to the DNO and requesting a connection date.

11. Final connection to the DNO network

Works complete - power on.

Application for connection

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