24/7 Fault Response

MES Power Engineering provide 24/7 response to IDNOs, Wind Turbine Operators, and High Voltage & Low Voltage Network Operators as part of long-term contracts ensuring that we get their Power Restored as soon as possible.

What we can do for you is provide you with the same cover if you find yourself faced with a loss of supply. Don't worry we are here 24/7 to get you Connected.

We’ll manage your issue and get you back up and running.

Call our 24/7 emergency line: 0845 519 9303

We are MES Power

“Transformer Fault - I wanted to let you know that the switch to the replacement transformer today went according to plan. We are still recovering our systems but the work on the supply side was completed by 11:30am. The MES team you put on site were professional and efficient. They followed our COVID-19 guidelines while on site and got the job done. A very positive first experience for us with MES Power Engineering. Thanks for your support during the last week.”

Neil Holmes - Engineering & Continuous Improvement Manager United Kingdom Compugraphics

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