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Project Scope

The design, installation and commissioning of the ICP network connection and the balance of plant customer 33kV network to enable two E-82 2.3MW Enercon turbines to export power from the Brotherton wind farm site. This project included 11km of DNO infrastructure to the network point of connection. Construction of a dual DNO/Customer intake substation and the installation of the customer’s High Voltage (HV) network from the turbines.

Our Solution

DNO infrastructure design from the point of connection to the intake substation. Customer’s HV network design. Survey, conduct and provide the P28 and earthing studies. Installed and commissioned the DNO & Customer Switchgear Installation, testing and commissioning of the protection including the generation G59 system.

Installation of the HV cabling and fibre systems. All cable jointing was carried out by MES Jointing teams Construction of the substation and installation of the auxiliary wiring and earthing system.

Benefits to Our Client

Single point of contact and all the electrical infrastructure designed and installed by a single contractor.

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