Barratt Homes Perth

Project Scope

The design and installation of a new 800kVA unit substation to provide electrical power to 241 new homes and 5 flat complexes consisting of 30 new flats at the Huntingtower development near Perth. Including the 0.4km of High Voltage (HV) network from point of connection to the substations and the 1.8km of Low Voltage (LV) network around the new development. The project also included the undergrounding of two 33kV & 11kV overhead lines which passed over the site and were dismantled to make way for the development.

Our Solution

Design the HV & LV networks to power the new development. Installed and pre-commissioned the Unit Substation. Install the HV & LV cable systems. Services and laterals installed & connected by MES

Live jointing to connect the new housing services as the development progressed. All cable jointing coordinated & carried out by MES Jointing teams.

Benefits to Our Client

Dedicated single point of contact for the connection of the power supply to the development. Liaison with the network operators carried out by MES.

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